The Truly Epic Book of Veg Power

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Veg Power

I‘m so excited to have one of my recipes published in the new book Veg Power, along with lots of crazy names like Jamie Oliver, Sir Paul McCartney, Dr Rangan Chatterjee… the list goes on!

My recipe is a thick and creamy shake, not many people can guess what gives it the beautiful pink colour! Check out my recipe on my previous post.
The book is all about encouraging children and adults to eat more veg. What I love about this book is that with each recipe there are ways you can involve children in the kitchen – what I find is I’m always more keen to eat the food if I’ve helped to make it!
I think it is really incredible that all of these experts have come together with the same aim of inspiring kids and adults across the UK to enjoy veg!

“Together, we can help our children live strong, healthy lives, boosted by veg. That’s Veg Power!”


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4 Comments on “The Truly Epic Book of Veg Power”

    1. Lola

      Thanks so much Molly, I know it’s a strange thing to add to a shake but it works really well and adds such a gorgeous colour!

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