Splashing Milk – Experiment

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Splashing milk

I have wanted to try this for ages, but I needed a black background, (I bought a black sheet off amazon which wasn’t expensive!) I put a glass full of milk on a table with the black sheet behind and got my sister to drop in an ice cube to make a splash, milk went everywhere…! If you were thinking of trying this I would recommend putting newspaper on the floor or doing it in the garden to save (a lot of) clearing up! I found it hard to focus on the splash as I had a fast shutter speed on. It was still fun and I like the outcome 🙂 . I would definitely like to try this again and hopefully get a sharper focus.

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One Comment on ““Splashing Milk – Experiment”

  1. Daisy

    Yassss that’s so cool 😛 !!!!! YOLO!!!! Milk is sooooooo amazing and the spanish word for milk is ‘leche’ (fun fact!)

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