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I have worked really hard on creating three blends for Soulfit (yoga and PT studio in Lewes), and I am very exited to share them with you. They all contain local and nutritious ingredients sourced from Fin and Farm and will make you feel really good as well as keeping you energised for your yoga/personal training sessions.

The three smoothies are: Golden Glow, In the Pink and Going Green.
Golden Glow is a cleansing blend of turmeric, coconut and pineapple and it’s all about helping you glow from the inside out. In the Pink is a cool, creamy blend made with seasonal, local rhubarb packed with vitamins and minerals, with oats for slow release energy. Going Green is a blend of local greens with a punchy ginger kick- guaranteed to wake up your immune system!

Let me know if you try them, enjoy!

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