Nama Foods

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Nama Foods

My brother absolutely loves skateboarding and the other day we went up to London with some of his friends to a popular skate park. While the boys went skating, my mum, sister and I hit the shops and cafes. I have never been to a raw food restaurant before, so I was keen to go to Nama foods. They have a huge following on Instagram and I had read reviews about their food that sounded interesting.

It was really interesting and I am pleased that I went, but to be honest is not somewhere I would chose to go very often. I ordered pasta with tomato sauce, Nama style is courgette ‘pasta’ with a tomato sauce, which was really good. For dessert I chose an amazing chocolate milkshake which on the other hand, I could literally drink everyday!

Nama Foods Raw Food Restaurant
Nama Foods
Raw Food Restaurant Nama Notting Hill
Raw food restaurant

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