Mango frozen yogurt

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mango ice cream

This is probably one of the easiest ice cream/frozen yogurt recipes ever; it’s fruity and refreshing with a sweet touch from the honey. It’s sort of a mixture between a sorbet and ice cream and it literally melts in the mouth. It’s also healthier than some other ice creams, so you can definitely have a second serving.

I created this recipe for my friend Annabelle, because I know this is the kind of thing she loves, enjoy!


180g frozen mango (2 large handfuls)
100g natural yogurt
2 tbsp honey

This also works really well with coconut yogurt and maple syrup! (Vegan option)


Blend everything together, pour in to a tub (I usually use an old ice cream pot or plastic pot) and freeze for a few hours, scoop into bowls and enjoy.
Easiest recipe you have ever seen?!

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