Quick Couscous Salad

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couscous salad

I made this today when I needed a really quick lunch to take into college, it’s so simple and you only need 5 ingredients!


Half a cup of Couscous
Half a cup of Frozen peas
1 tbsp Pesto
Large handful of Rocket
Sprinkle of Pine nuts


Todays lunch made in 4 easy steps:

1. Put the kettle on (I made myself a cup of tea at the same time ☺)

2. Put the couscous into a bowl and pour boiling water over to just cover it- too much and the couscous will be stodgy and too little and it will be hard! Leave this whilst you decide what to add to your couscous.

3. Today I am adding peas- at this time of year its an easy veg. I didn’t have time to use a pan so I just put them in a mug and then poured over boiling water and left them for a few minutes to thaw. I am also adding rocket.

4. When all the water has absorbed fluff up the couscous and if you are taking it into college then put it in a pot with all the veg, add a dollop of pesto (I didn’t have time to make a dressing today but this makes the couscous taste really good). I then sprinkled on some pine nuts and packed it straight into my bag.

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