Candy cane pastry

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10 days to go!! I think this is a great thing to make over the Christmas holidays, it looks really impressive but it’s so simple and you don’t need many ingredients!


320g Ready rolled Puff Pastry
6tbsp Strawberry Jam
Handful of Frozen Raspberries
50 g Yogurt
1 tbsp Icing Sugar
15g Marzipan


1. First mark the pastry into a candy cane shape; I made mine 30 cm tall and 7 cm wide. Then cut triangle shapes next to each other (leaving their bases attached to the cane) the triangles need to be 5cm long at the base. (Watch the video to see how I did this)

2. Spread the jam over the candy cane shaped pastry, then sprinkle over raspberries (I am using frozen at the moment as fresh aren’t in season), I then sprinkled a few little pieces of marzipan where the triangles will sit (if you don’t like marzipan you don’t need to add it) next fold the triangles onto the candy cane pastry, and use the spare triangles to fill any gaps. Bake for 13 minutes until cooked and golden.

3. While it’s cooking mix the yogurt and icing sugar together and then when the pastry is cool, spread over the middle of the triangles (like in the photo).

I made some little pastry candy cane twists with the spare pastry! Just sandwich jam between the pastry, cut in half and twist each rectangle and fold into a candy cane shape! (These took about 10 minutes to cook)


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