Bread Photography

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bread photography

One morning I was just looking on Instagram when I saw a picture of a cake with icing sugar being dusted on it. Behind the cake was a black background so that the icing sugar really stood out. It looked so cool I really wanted to try it! However the only black background I could find in my house was a massive square of slate in my garden that was too heavy to move! So I just decided to move my camera and tripod to the garden. I had made bread earlier that day (I will post a blog with the recipe soon!) so decided to use the bread and dust it with flour. It was really fun to do but quite hard doing it by myself. Next time I will ask someone to dust while I take the pics!

bread and flour photography
Bread with dusting of flour
Dusting bread with flour
Freshly baked bread
Bread sprinkled with white flour

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