Beet Shake- My recipe for Veg Power

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beet shake

This is the recipe I created for the Veg Power book, you can read more about this in my Veg Power post.
This is a thick and creamy vegan shake, great for a treat or a dessert. It looks stunning, but I bet not many people will guess what gives it this colour! You might like to try this with any other liquids such as almond or soya milk, but my favourite is coconut. I wanted to keep this recipe vegan, but you can always use dairy ice cream if you prefer. Make sure you buy plain, cooked beetroot, you don’t want to use pickled beetroot in this!


2 bananas, broken into pieces & frozen
1 beetroot (approx 40g)
200ml coconut drink
1 tsp vanilla extract
Juice of half a lime
5 scoops vegan ice cream
4 squares dark vegan chocolate


Put the frozen banana pieces in a blender with the beetroot, coconut drink, vanilla, lime juice and a scoop of ice cream. Pour into four glasses, top each with a small scoop of ice cream, and grate a square of chocolate over each shake. Eat straight away.


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