Banana and chocolate cakes with cheats icing

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banana and chocolate cakes

This is the easiest ‘icing’ ever, buy a can of squirty cream and use to decorate the cakes, finishing with a sprinkling of chocolate powder and a few banana chips.
This flavour combo tastes so good!


100 g Soft Butter
150 g Light soft brown sugar
1 tsp. Vanilla
2 Mashed bananas
175 g Plain flour
1 tsp. Bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp. Baking powder
100 g Chocolate
8 squirts of Squirty cream
16 Dried Banana pieces
2 Eggs


1. Beat together the sugar, butter and vanilla until light and fluffy

2. Add 2 mashed bananas and 2 eggs and mix together

3. Stir in the plain flour, bicarbonate of soda and baking powder

4. Chop up the chocolate into small chunks and add to the mixture (I use milk chocolate but you can use any flavour)!

5. Bake for 20-25 minutes at 180C/160C fan, once cooked leave to cool. Then squirt on the cream in a little swirl in the middle, add one or two banana chips, dust with a little chocolate powder and eat straight away!


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