Lola Mansell

About Me

Hey, I’m Lola,

I started this blog when I was 15 years old and I love food, it’s a passion. I spend almost all of my spare time cooking, baking and photographing food- alongside my studies at school!

I’ve decided to start writing this blog because my friends keep asking me to share recipes and ideas. So I’m going to use this blog as a space to share photos of my foodie journey, as well as delicious recipes and new ideas. You’ll have probably noticed that a lot of my posts are pretty health conscious, I love cooking and eating healthy food but also lots of treats like my Baked Doughnuts to get you through exam stress and revision overload.

I’d love to inspire more people my age to get into the kitchen. I’ve learnt from my mum that cooking is a lifelong skill, and I can’t wait to learn more. Cooking doesn’t have to have to be a challenge; it can be easy, its fun and your food doesn’t have to look amazing- it just has to taste good.

I will be posting every Friday around 6pm; I would love it if you joined me on this journey!